September 22, 2022

Customer Newsletter - September 2022

Jenny Chiu

What's New

Improvements to the Usage page in Dashboard

Want more insight into your cumulative and daily Plaid usage? Now, you can view your usage whenever you want so you can better anticipate associated spend, instead of waiting until your monthly invoice becomes available. See your usage now

Introducing Data Transparency Messaging (Beta) in Link

To give consumers even more transparency in Link, we’ve introduced a new feature to show them the types of financial data an app is requesting. To learn more about implementing this feature, please see our migration guide

Stay up-to-date on Nacha’s Operating Rules

Staying compliant with Nacha’s ever-changing rules can be a challenge. As a preferred Nacha partner, Plaid helps you keep your business up-to-date and delivers a safe and secure ACH experience for your customers. Want to know more about Nacha’s latest updates and how Auth can help you stay compliant? Read our latest blog.

Join us on Discord

Plaid has launched a (beta) Discord community for developers, where you can hang out and chat directly with your peers, as well as members of the Plaid engineering team. To join us, just fill out the super-short application. 

Reminder: Upgrade to the latest Link SDKs

To provide an optimal experience for your customers, upgrade to our latest SDKs: Android 3.10.1, iOS 3.1.0, and React Native 8.0.0. Please note thatPlaid will no longer require an SDK upgrade by 11/2/22 and will maintain support for versions prior to Android 3.5, iOS 2.2.2, or React Native 7.1.1. However, we highly recommend upgrading your SDKs to the latest versions See the latest releases.

Webinars & Events

Executive Fireside Chat: Maximizing margins in a challenging lending environment

September 29 at 1pm ET

Join Melissa Boros, Head of Product, Credit at Plaid and John Forrester, Head of Product, Ocrolus for a fireside chat on how to drive revenue growth by automating the lending process using Plaid & Ocrolus.

Register now 

Tech Talk: Get more new customers at a lower cost with Plaid IDV


In case you missed it, hear from Plaid’s Head of Identity, Alain Meier, as he discusses how Plaid Identity Verification and Monitor can help you do more with less—that means onboarding more new users while saving your risk and compliance teams hundreds of hours every month. 

Watch here 

In other news…

Q&A with Dominic Bennett, Co-founder & CTO at Klover 

Discover how Klover drives engagement through actionable insights and seamless user experiences with Plaid. Read more