Lending smarter with cash flow data

How leading lenders are using cash flow data to offer superior credit products to consumers and maximize their financial returns

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About the Tech Talk

Cash flow data has now become the industry standard for credit underwriters looking to better serve customers, create a more insightful credit decisioning process, and drive profitability. It's also become top of mind for consumers seeking new ways to access credit and improve their financial health. A majority of borrowers are comfortable securely sharing a range of financial information with lenders in order to provide the best picture of their financial situation, according to a Plaid study conducted by Opinium. These trends are likely to change the future of credit underwriting in important ways.

In this Tech Talk, industry experts discuss the latest innovations in the credit space, how lenders are incorporating cash flow data into their existing credit models, and how it’s impacting consumers and lenders alike.

Join Plaid, SoFi, and Oportun as they discuss:

  • Why consumers are looking to digital lenders for better lending outcomes and a superior user experience

  • How underwriters are using cash flow data to create better credit decisioning tools, win more business from existing customers, and drive profitability

  • The ways lenders like SoFi and Oportun are using cash flow data to build their underwriting models

  • Why some credit underwriters haven’t yet adopted the use of cash flow data, despite broad recognition of its importance to underwriting

  • The ways AI is already playing a role in credit products today 

  • How cash flow data will impact the future role of credit scores in underwriting 

  • Some of the challenges involved in using cash flow data for underwriting

Featured Speakers
Aaron Webster

Chief Risk Officer, Global Head of Operations and LatAm


Rahul Vemulapally

VP of Product


Michelle Boros

Credit Product Leader


Nicole Casperson


Fintech is Femme