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Stop the chain reaction and prevent fraud from proliferating across apps

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Break the chain reaction

Alone, it’s impossible to stop a stolen identity from being used over and over, from platform to platform.

Protect identities

Stop the abuse of stolen identity data associated with fraud on other platforms.

Report fraud, stop fraud

Report fraud and query against other reports made to Beacon to stop repeat fraud.

Defraud, meet defense

Plaid brings necessary network scale and expertise to address fraud in the industry. Inform Plaid Beacon of fraudulent actors, and query Beacon as to whether the identity data is associated with fraud elsewhere. Beacon is now available for the 8,000+ Plaid powered fintech apps and services to opt-in to.

  • Reported as fraudulent

    Understand if an identity is associated with stolen ID, synthetic, or account takeover fraud

  • Number of fraud reports

    See how many fraud reports are associated with identity data like name, phone number, SSN, and address

  • Who reported

    Review the industry of the organization which made a report and when the report was made

  • Improve the network

    Share feedback on Beacon reports to help improve the network

Secure and encrypted from end-to-end

All data that is reported to Beacon is aggregated and encrypted to protect sensitive identity information. Beacon never shares personally identifiable information (PII) or identity data with customers.

Protect identities from abuse and theft

Beacon helps detect data associated with stolen identity, synthetic, or account takeover fraud.

  • Screen identity data and receive matches based on previous reports shared with Beacon

  • Automatically generate internal blocklists when you report fraud to stop repeat first party fraud and duplicate signup attempts on your platform

  • Create custom Beacon programs to screen against internal blocklists or the entire network

Why Plaid Beacon

Unifying the ecosystem

Beacon is available to 8,000+ Plaid-powered fintechs and financial institutions of all sizes. No organization is excluded.

Protect consumers

Beacon helps to curb the abuse of stolen and manipulated identities. Help us create a safer digital finance ecosystem.

Growing and reliable

All members are required to report data on a continuous basis. Ongoing review of reports to increase precision and reliability.

Make reports to Beacon


Share fraud data programmatically via the API

Plaid dashboard

Make a fraud report via the Plaid dashboard

Stronger with Plaid Identity Verification

Pair Beacon with Identity Verification to block bad actors from your platform.

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