Product features
Increase conversion

Wallets come on many platforms with different challenges. Wallet Onboard guides users through the simplest steps for every scenario- increasing the quantity of wallets connected to your product

Always improving

Spend less time managing libraries. Wallet Onboard is continually and automatically updated with new wallets and experiences

Privacy by design

Plaid does not collect or share wallet addresses, transaction histories, or private keys when connecting with Wallet Onboard

Intuitive UX for all crypto wallets

Wallet Onboard intelligently takes into account UX and technical differences across more than 300 self custody crypto wallets, so that users can connect in seconds.

In addition to support for specific wallets like Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Onboard also supports all browser plugin wallets and WalletConnect-compatible wallets.

One integration, 300+ wallets

Use Wallet Onboard with the Plaid Link SDK trusted by thousands of fintech and crypto companies. One single integration, compatible with any web application, no frameworks required.

What customers are saying

"Thanks to the Plaid team for making wallet connection 10x easier than the next best alternative."

John Milinovich, General Manager at Clubhouse

"Thanks to Plaid, we were able to easily integrate other wallets beyond MetaMask on our platform, saving us time on research and testing. Also getting mobile support was a huge lift for us!"

David Liao,  Co-Founder at SPICYEST

"Wallet Onboard is the most complete wallet connection product. Unlike other options, we didn't have to hack around any missing pieces to reach a complete user experience — it just works."

Eric Zhang, Founder at 2.5 Intelligence