Check balances

Get current and available balance info and details about account status and type

Real-time info

Check your users’ balances in real-time, whenever you need to make a transfer

Keep users happy

Prevent overdrafts and enable pre-funding of transactions with insight into balances

Reduce fraud costs

Prevent NSF fees by gaining visibility into available funds before you transfer

How it works

Pull historical data and real-time balance info in a few steps

  1. Add a user to Plaid

    Seamlessly add users with Plaid Link’s credential-based flow and post Balance requests to the Plaid API

  2. Retrieve Balance data

    Once a user has been added, the account holder’s balance can be retrieved at any time

    "accounts": [
        "account_id": "QKKzevvp33HxPWpoqn6rI13BxW4awNSj",
        "balance": {
          "available": 1203.42,
          "current": 1274.93,
          "limit": null
        "name": "Plaid Checking",
        "official_name": "Plaid Gold Checking",
        "type": "depository",
        "subtype": "checking",
        "mask": "9606"

Want more details about the Balance endpoint?

digit screenshot

Case study

Digit makes saving money painless with Plaid

Digit depends on Plaid to analyze spending patterns, make intelligent savings decisions, and start setting money aside. And before it transfers money, Digit uses Plaid Balance to confirm there’s enough in the account—reducing NSF risk and keeping users happy.

What will you create?

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