Introducing Enrich

A new API that can categorize and enrich the transaction data you retrieve directly from end-users, payment processors, and data aggregators.

Product Features
Real-time data enhancement
Real-time data enhancement

Securely send Plaid your transactions to be enhanced within milliseconds for point-of-sale decisioning or real-time notifications.

Merchant normalization
Merchant normalization

Easily identify the merchant for each purchase along with details such as location, logo, and website.

Intuitive categorization
Intuitive categorization

Our machine learning models classify the intent behind each transaction, enabling you to make informed product decisions and deliver better spending insights.

Harness the power of your data to deliver great digital experiences

Plaid Enrich makes it easy to work with all your sources of transaction data—including data from payment processors for your branded credit or debit cards.

Securely send us your data and we’ll return key insights to help you gain a deeper understanding of your users’ spending behavior. Use this information to build intuitive digital banking experiences that drive user engagement and lifetime value.

Why Plaid
Fast and secure integration flow to get started

Easily integrate with Plaid’s API to securely send and receive transaction data.

Industry-leading categorization and enhancement

Plaid is trusted by the biggest names in fintech to aggregate and enrich 500M+ financial transactions each day.

One enrichment system for all your users' data

For customers using Plaid Transactions, data can be enhanced consistently across all of your sources of transaction data.

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