The Road to Real Time Payments

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The Road to Real Time Payments - Tech Talk

About the Tech Talk

2023 will be a pivotal year for bank-linked payments. Innovation around risk and fraud prevention is expanding use cases for ACH and creating synthetic real time. In addition, the emerging real-time payments rails – RTP and FedNow – are progressing and anticipated to unlock a massive wave of payments innovation over the next several years and shape consumer readiness demand. Yet, many questions remain.

In the Tech Talk, Plaid, Novo, and a guest speaker from Forrester discuss:

  • The future of ACH as RTP and FedNow gain momentum

  • Consumer behavior and demand

  • Real-world examples and key use cases

  • Opportunities and challenges in the emerging multi-rail environment

  • Fraud prevention in real-time payments

John Anderson

Head of Payments, Plaid

Akash Desai

Group Product Manager, FS, Novo

Guest Speaker: Lily Varon

Senior Analyst, Forrester