Reliable info

Validate multiple income sources and verify employer information with bank data

Real-time responses

Get the income data and insight you need whenever you need it

Seamless for users

Plaid Income is easier for users and converts better than methods like pay stubs

Reduce costs

Successful requests cost less than other credit bureaus or other sources

How it works

Start using Income insight in just a few simple steps

  1. Add an Income user

    Seamlessly add users with Plaid Link’s credential-based flow and post Income requests to the Plaid API

  2. Retrieve Income data

    Once a user has been added, the account holder’s income information can be retrieved at any time

  "income": {
    "income_streams": [
        "confidence": 1,
        "days": 518,
        "monthly_income": 1601,
        "name": "PLAID"
        "confidence": 0.95,
        "days": 415,
        "monthly_income": 1530,
        "name": "BAGUETTES INC"
    "last_year_income": 28072,
    "last_year_income_before_tax": 38681,
    "projected_yearly_income": 19444,
    "projected_yearly_income_before_tax": 26291,
    "max_number_of_overlapping_income_streams": 2,
    "number_of_income_streams": 2

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