Product Features
A single integration

Avoid the need for multiple service providers. Connect user accounts, make smarter transaction decisions, manage risk, and move money—all through a single Plaid integration.

Conversion Optimization

Authenticate users, collect payment information, and initiate payments in line with Nacha standards. Optimized for conversion, it’s specifically designed for ACH and can be used on any platform.

Advanced risk mitigation

Reduce operational headaches—as well as overdraft fees for your users—by initiating only the transactions approved by our risk engine.

Quick money movement

Sweep transaction funds into your treasury account more quickly—meaning no more 7-day holds—and balance your books with an intuitive reconciliation report.

Operational excellence

Manage daily operations and reporting with convenient dashboards. View activity and provide user support with clear transaction status and error messages for improved onboarding.

Available Guarantee

Ensure ACH transfers settle without returns by letting Plaid assume the liability for guaranteed transactions, reducing the impact of returns on your business. Learn more.

Introducing Platform Payments

Transfer is an easy way to integrate payments into your platform or marketplace. It's customizable to help accept payments and distribute payouts between different parties.

Platform benefits
Seamless customer onboarding

Embed Plaid’s onboarding flow into your product and we’ll handle Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations and other payments compliance.

Accept customer payments

Authenticate users, collect payment information, and initiate payments in line with Nacha standards. Transfer can be used with any bank or credit union in the US.

Disburse funds with fast payouts

Payout customers quickly and reduce operational complexity. Send funds to a seller or service provider with a unified solution for money movement.

Intuitive UX to enable fast bank transfers

Transfer’s drop-in UX, combined with Plaid Link, enables customers to connect their chosen financial account in as little as 7 seconds and seamlessly initiate a payment.

Fast, developer-friendly integration

Once approved, set up a fully functional ACH program in as little as 24 hours. Initiate ACH payments, manage risk, monitor cash flow, and seamlessly manage daily operations—all through a single integration with Plaid.

Powered by Plaid’s technology and consumer - permissioned data

Transfer’s authorization engine is powered by unique insights based on Plaid’s technology. This includes Plaid Balance, which provides real-time transactions analysis of ACH returns to reduce things like NSF, powered by the Plaid Network. The authorization engine will helps avoid delays and overdraft fees, enabling faster settlement of funds.

Developer and back office friendly

You can use Transfer to build a smooth account-to-account transfer experience, all delivered via Plaid Link. Transfer also comes with a dashboard and flexible APIs to provide back offices with the tools to manage transactions and transaction information.

Getting started with ACH and interested in joining the Transfer Beta?

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Transfers (US only) is currently in beta, but you can express interest in receiving a program invitation through this form. Please note that form submission does not guarantee access to the product, which is contingent upon satisfying certain eligibility criteria. A member of the Plaid team will review your information and determine if the product is a good fit.