November 09, 2023

More improvements to the Plaid Link user experience

Zack Meredith & Justina Chen

Today, roughly 1 in 3 US consumers with a bank account connect to apps using Plaid Link. That’s why we continue to obsess over every detail of the experience to make it easier, faster, and safer for consumers to connect to the apps they love while allowing you to optimize for the business outcomes that matter most.

A new look for Link

When it comes to scaling your fintech app, consumer trust is everything. Studies show that a more modern feeling UI can have a dramatic impact on whether or not someone trusts your product or service. We’re giving Link a fresh new look with smoother, more contextual transitions, increased density, and less visual noise. This updated Link experience offers even greater levels of flexibility and reliability, helping you deliver a consistent, recognizable, and secure user experience at every stage of your app’s growth.


Measuring impact

Link’s new components are designed to make patterns and interactions easier to deliver, enabling us to ship new features even more quickly. Additionally, because we rigorously test each new change before it goes live, you can always have the confidence knowing that key metrics like latency and conversion will stay neutral or improve.

How to get started

We plan to release the design refresh in Sandbox later this month (November 2023) so that the majority of customers can begin to test and share feedback. Production will be rolled out in early 2024.

As we continue to optimize Link’s look, feel, and performance–you can expect to see more redesigned Link components across all new Link flows and features in the coming months.

The biggest SDK release of the year

We always recommend integrating with the Link SDKs because they provide an optimal experience for both you and your customers. This month, we will release a major version of the iOS, Android, and React Native SDKs in conjunction with the mobile platform releases from Google and Apple. Upgrade to this major version and take advantage of new features and an enhanced Link experience for your users.

Annual SDK Releases

Each November, starting in 2024, you can expect an annual cadence for the major SDK release from Plaid. We'll inform you prior to the upcoming SDK release so you can upgrade as soon as possible. Make sure you follow our marketing communications for all major release updates. 

On top of annual SDK releases, Plaid will continue to release minor versions of the SDKs each month, which will include bug fixes and Link optimizations.

Older SDK Versions: What you need to know

With each major SDK release, Plaid will stop supporting SDK versions that are two years older than the current year. For example, when the next major SDK is released in 2024, Plaid will stop supporting versions released in 2022.

By November 2024, Plaid will stop supporting the following SDK versions:

  • iOS: All versions below 5.0.0

  • Android: All versions below 4.0.0

  • React Native: All versions below 11.0.0

Older SDK versions will continue to be available for use, but will no longer receive any additional updates. Please plan to upgrade to a supported SDK version by November 2024. If you need help with upgrading your SDK version, we’ve got you covered–just submit a support case in the Dashboard.

Bring the Link experience into your app

More than 100 million consumers have already linked their financial accounts via Plaid Link. You can help your customers join them by embedding institution search directly into your app. This will encourage them to pay with their bank account in check-out experiences . This also creates a more seamless transition, using your in-app experience to introduce Link. Now available on Android, iOS, React Native, React Web, and Web SDKs. To test this new feature, check out our beta docs and reach out to your Plaid Account Manager or submit a support case for Production access.


Optimize your Link conversion with new Dashboard features  

We’re introducing two new features to help you get more out of your integration. Now, you can automatically see your up-to-date Link conversion performance in a new Dashboard page (Go to Link > Analytics), get recommendations on best practices, and take actions to improve conversion. You can also set alerts via email or webhook (Go to Activity > Status) for any institution’s global connection with Plaid so you can take proactive actions on behalf of your customers as soon as these statuses change. Explore Dashboard