Better details

Put transactions in context with geolocation, merchant, and category information

More data

Get up to 24 months of transaction history along with real-time data

Richer insights

With reliable data, gain critical insights to serve your customers better

Reduce costs

Low-latency connections deliver clean data—no eng resources required

How it works

Inside a Transactions request

      "accounts": [
          "account_id": "QKKzevvp33HxPWpoqn6rI13BxW4awNSjnw4xv",
          "balance": {
            "available": 1203.42,
            "current": 1274.93,
            "limit": null
          "type": "depository",
          "mask": "9606",
          "name": "Personal Savings"
        "transactions": [
            "account_id": "XA96y1wW3xS7wKyEdbRzFkpZov6x1ohxMXwep",
            "transaction_id": "4WPD9vV5A1cogJwyQ5kVFB3vPEmpXPS3qvjXQ",
            "pending": false,
            "amount": 78.5,
            "date": "2014-06-23",
            "name": "Golden Crepes",
            "location": {
              "location": {
               "lat": 40.740352,
               "lon": -74.001761,
               "state": "NY",
               "city": "New York",
               "address": "262 W 15th St"
            "transaction_type": "place",
            "category": [
              "Food and Drink",
            "category_id": "52544965"

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Case study

Empower uses Transactions to make money management simpler

Powered by Plaid Transactions, Empower helps users take control of their finances by monitoring spending habits and setting goals. When users connect their bank account with Plaid, Empower leverages this transaction data to make personalized recommendations for how to discover savings and pay down debt.

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