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Put transactions in context with geolocation, merchant, and category information

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Get up to 24 months of transaction history along with real-time data

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With reliable data, gain critical insights to serve your customers better

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Low-latency connections deliver clean data—no eng resources required

How it works

Inside a Transactions request

      "accounts": [
          "account_id": "QKKzevvp33HxPWpoqn6rI13BxW4awNSjnw4xv",
          "balance": {
            "available": 1203.42,
            "current": 1274.93,
            "limit": null
          "type": "depository"
          "mask": "9606",
          "name": "Personal Savings"
        "transactions": [
            "account_id": "XA96y1wW3xS7wKyEdbRzFkpZov6x1ohxMXwep",
            "transaction_id": "4WPD9vV5A1cogJwyQ5kVFB3vPEmpXPS3qvjXQ",
            "pending": false,
            "amount": 78.5,
            "date": "2014-06-23",
            "name": "Golden Crepes",
            "location": {
              "location": {
               "lat": 40.740352,
               "lon": -74.001761,
               "state": "NY",
               "city": "New York",
               "address": "262 W 15th St"
            "transaction_type": "place",
            "category": [
              "Food and Drink",
            "category_id": "52544965"

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