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Whether you’re growing your business or bringing about change, think ahead with our insights on payments, crypto, AI and more.

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Five highlights from our predictions

Retailers embrace real-time payments

Real-time payments will be put to the test by at least one major retailer. But can FedNow and RTP’s systems keep up?

Personal finance, reimagined

The opportunity of the decade to take personal finance to the next level is here. Hear why the Mint shutdown is driving companies to innovate.

Bitcoin is heading to the moon (again)

The future’s looking bright. When will bitcoin moon and are stablecoins here to stay?

Loan originations are bouncing back

More borrowers are coming back for loans. What’s driving them, and how should lenders respond?

Deepfakes will wreak havoc

AI brings a new wave of complex fraud that will increase business costs. Hear why companies need to step up their efforts to fight it.

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