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consumers are more likely to use an app when they can sign up and access it instantly


consumers would consider switching banks if their primary bank could not connect to their financial app account


banking customers expect their financial institutions to improve their financial health

Today’s digital banking customers expect better experiences—whether it's fast account opening and funding, reaching financial goals, or connecting their bank account to the apps they love. But as a financial services company, how can you also protect against potential fraud and losses while exceeding your customers’ expectations?

Plaid enables you to enhance your digital banking experience through better risk management, faster account funding, and secure data connectivity. You can also increase customer lifetime value by unlocking insights to power personalized financial advice and efficient lending decisions - on a single unified platform.

Plaid powers the digital banking journey

Reduce fraud with a smooth identity verification experience

Easily verify identities

Identity Verification is the industry’s lowest-friction identity verification experience for new account opening, making it easier for you to fight fraud and meet KYC requirements

Stay AML compliant

Monitor helps you maintain ongoing compliance with AML and PEP screening with fewer false-positives and manual reviews

Engage customers with personalized financial advice

Access detailed transaction history

Transactions helps you access up to 24 months of enhanced transaction history so you can guide users to manage their cash flow and reduce spend

Understand customers’ investments

Investments delivers insight into a user's investment accounts, including account balances, holdings, and transactions that create a change in a holding

Know loan obligations

Liabilities retrieves detailed loan data including account balances, terms, and payment timing. Coverage for student loans, mortgages, and credit cards

Make internal data actionable

Enrich cleanses and enriches transaction data from your card and banking products, unlocking user spending insights and personalized experiences

Create a secure open banking experience

Unlock your open finance roadmap

Open Finance solutions enable you to easily and efficiently meet customer expectations for data connectivity and control

Offer more efficient and competitive loan offers

Build a comprehensive, simple, and fast underwriting process

Learn how Plaid can power your lending services

Building Plaid into our onboarding experience has improved our conversion rates. It has also increased the lifetime value of our customers.
Trevor Marshall, Chief Technology Officer, Current

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