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Verify good users and stop bad ones in seconds.

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Verify identity data

Confirm identity information against regulated data sources in seconds.

Authenticate IDs

Verify that global ID documents are authentic and valid.

Confirm liveness

Ensure a person is present and their face matches the image on the provided ID.

Protect your bottom line

Identity Verification prevents sophisticated attacks and reduces fraud losses with an anti-fraud engine that analyzes hundreds of risk signals.

  • Behavioral analytics

    Monitor how users enter PII and catch behavior consistent with bad actors, fraud rings, and bots.

  • Email and phone risk

    Check if the number and address are new, disposable, registered with external accounts, or compromised in breaches.

  • Device and network risk

    Detect the use of VPN or Tor, IP geolocation and timezone mismatch, incognito browsers, or repeat sessions from the same device.

  • Synthetic and stolen identities

    Understand whether identity information is fabricated, manipulated, or stolen.


Verify identities in as little as 10 seconds


Consistently achieve pass rates of 90% or greater


Support for 16,000+ ID types and 200 countries and territories

More coverage, more users

From the front-end UI to the back-end data sources, Identity Verification is built to quickly verify users, no matter where they’re from.

User experience optimized to improve automated verifications by as much as 30%

Available in English, Español, Français, Português, or 日本語

Dedicated data source coverage for unbanked and thin-file consumers

Support for rarer ID documents, such as permanent residency cards and B1/B2 temporary visas

Manage KYC, without writing code

Easy for Product, Compliance, and Risk teams - from set up to ongoing management.

  • No-code editor to create and change verification flows

  • Customize risk rules and success criteria to your tolerance levels

  • Comprehensive user and session information for record keeping, investigations, and future audits

  • Compliance agent dashboard to override failures and handle exceptions

Faster verification on the Plaid Network


When users provide a phone number and date of birth, we autofill other details to speed up completion to under 10 seconds.

Remember Me

Say hello to “one-click” verification. Users can save their identity data to fast-track verification across Plaid-powered apps.

Experience Plaid Identity Verification

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Deploy out-of-the-box or integrate flexibly


Start verifying identities with one click. Generate verification links from the Plaid dashboard, no integration needed.


Verify users via API and dynamically handle fallbacks and exceptions with our UI.

Fully integrated

Use our conversion-optimized, embeddable interface for all aspects of user verification.

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