Product Features
Multiple verification methods

With authoritative data source, documentary, and liveness (selfie) verification, all powered by a sophisticated neural network to combat fraud.

Increase signups

Identity Verification presents the lowest friction identity verification options for every country and can improve onboarding conversion rates by ~10–20%.

Reduce fraud

Cutting edge anti-fraud without information overload. Identity Verification looks at hundreds of attributes for signs of fraud across existing and emerging fraud vectors.

Verify IDs around the world

Confirm identities in over 200 countries and territories in under 30 seconds. Verify your customers wherever they are with a single solution.

Designed for conversion

Customize the look and feel of Identity Verification with your brand identity for a welcoming onboarding experience.

Handle everything from failed verifications and exception cases to periodic re-KYC of your clients on demand.

Onboard more customers with autofill

Identity Verification’s autofill is a fast, secure experience that speeds up and maximizes signups while helping meet CIP requirements.

Based on date of birth and phone number, Identity Verification automatically populates for your customer's review their identity information like full name, address, and SSN, making it easier and faster for your customers to onboard.

Never lose a good customer because of friction.

Manage KYC without code

Identity Verification lets your risk and compliance teams manage success criteria directly, without the need for developers.

Let your compliance and fraud teams manage success criteria directly, without the risk of cross-team miscommunication or poor documentation.

Prevent fraud with behavioral analytics

Identity Verification analyzes device behavior and how customers enter their PII to catch risky behavior consistent with bad actors, fraud rings, and bots. Detect and prevent bad actors from accessing your platform in real-time based on a customizable behavioral risk level.

Easy deployment

Deploy in minutes. Use Identity Verification through the existing Plaid Link SDK with no additional integration required.

Use the fully hosted verification, verify customers via API and dynamically handle fallbacks and exceptions within the UI, or share a verification link.

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