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of investment app users have given up on signing up for an app because
the process was too complicated


of investment app users are more likely to use an app when they can sign up and access it instantly


of retail investors are likely to invest more if they had access to automated advice or a robo-adviser

To succeed today, digital wealth platforms need to give their customers instant access to the markets and offer tailored financial advice. However, gaining holistic insight into customers’ finances can be challenging and enabling quick access to funds can put wealth platforms at risk of fraud or payments returns.

Plaid gives digital wealth platforms everything they need to instantly fund accounts, deliver tailored advice, and fight fraud–all on a single platform. Plus, with Plaid’s best-in-class conversion, it’s easy to increase customer lifetime value.

Plaid across the wealth journey

Onboard more verified customers

Quickly verify identities

Identity Verification is the lowest friction identity verification experience, making it easier to fight fraud and meet KYC requirements.

Stay AML compliant

Monitor helps you maintain ongoing compliance with  AML and PEP screening with fewer false positives and manual reviews.

Fund accounts instantly and securely

Instantly authenticate accounts

Auth instantly authenticates bank accounts for account funding so customers can set up ACH transfers from any bank and credit union in the US. 

Verify account ownership

Identity verifies a customer’s account ownership information to confirm the source of funds and complements your risk management processes.

Accelerate access to funds

Signal enhances your risk program to speed up access to funds and reduce return risk with ACH as a funding source.

Unlock tailored financial advice

Access detailed transaction history

Transactions gives you up to 24 months of enhanced transaction history, so you can guide customers to manage their cash flow and reduce spend.

Understand customers’ investments

Investments delivers insight into a customer's investment accounts, including account balances, holdings, and transactions that create a change in a holding.

Know loan obligations

Liabilities retrieves detailed loan data including account balances, terms, and payment timing. Coverage for student loans, mortgages, and credit cards.

Plaid makes onboarding seamless and allows customers to start moving money on the platform right away.
Dan Mendes, Senior Director of Product, Stash

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