Sourcing robust held-away account information is challenging due to low-fidelity data and poor conversion rates. Additionally, account funding workflows remain error prone and cumbersome for investors, creating roadblocks to growing assets under management.

Plaid enables financial advisors and wealth management platforms to aggregate held-away account information to deliver more holistic financial advice. Firms can also use Plaid to better grow AUM through streamlined ACH account funding — with conversion rates that often far exceed the competition.

Understand a user's investments

Investments delivers insight into a user's investment accounts, including account balances, holdings, and transactions that create a change in a holding

Streamline ACH account funding

Auth allows you to authenticate accounts at all US depository institutions to power ACH account funding transactions. Further mitigate ACH risk by using our Balance and Identity products


Smart, simple money movement

Bank Transfers (beta - US only) provides a smarter, simpler money movement solution and a path to faster customer activation, with visibility into payment success, multiple payment types, and bank partner flexibility

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