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As crypto goes mainstream, developers need to keep up with consumer expectations by offering easy ways to open and fund accounts, instantly buy and sell digital assets, and connect to crypto wallets–all while protecting against fraud.

With a single integration, Plaid gives developers everything they need to build fast, easy, and secure crypto onramps, minimize the risk of fraud, and help consumers get the most out of the crypto ecosystem.


of US adults have invested in, traded, or used cryptocurrency


of consumers are more likely to use a fintech app when they can sign up and access it instantly


of crypto companies find it difficult to adjust their identity verification and onboarding approaches in response to shifting market conditions

Speed up user onboarding while reducing fraud

Quickly verify identities

Identity Verification is the lowest friction identity verification experience, making it easier to fight fraud and handle global KYC requirements

Stay AML compliant

Monitor helps maintain ongoing compliance with AML and PEP screening with fewer false-positives and manual reviews.

Unlock instant ACH with greater confidence

Check balances in real-time

Balance instantly checks whether customers have enough funds in their external bank accounts before ACH transfers, protecting against overdraft and NSF fees

Reduce ACH risk

Signal enhances risk programs by reducing ACH return risk so that users can access funds faster without increasing risk.

Simpler Bank Transfer

Transfer enables developers to seamlessly initiate and manage bank-to-bank payments.

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