Boost conversions

Deploy a mobile-optimized flow that converts 85% better than alternatives

Speed up authentication

Instantly authenticate transfers—without waiting for micro-deposits

Seamless for users

Set up users based on the info they know by heart—no checkbook hunting necessary

Reduce costs

Reduce failed transactions by authenticating and steer users toward ACH

How it works

Start authenticating ACH transfers with Auth in a few steps

  1. Add an Auth user

    Seamlessly add users with Plaid Link’s credential-based flow and post Auth requests to the Plaid API

  2. Retrieve Auth data

    Once a user has been added, the account holder’s info can be retrieved at any time to authorize transactions

    "accounts": [
        "account_id": "mjj9jp92z2fD1mLlpQYZI1gAd4q4LwTKmBNLz",
        "balances": {
            "available": 1203.42,
            "current": 1274.93,
            "limit": null
        "mask": "9606",
        "name": "Plaid Checking",
        "official_name": "Plaid Gold Checking",
        "subtype": "checking",
        "type": "depository"
    "numbers": {
      "ach": [{
        "account": "9900009606",
        "account_id": "mjj9jp92z2fD1mLlpQYZI1gAd4q4LwTKmBNLz",
        "routing": "021000021",
        "wire_routing": "021000021"     
      "eft": []

Want more details about the Auth endpoint?

robinhood screenshot

Case study

Plaid helps Robinhood bring trading to the masses

Robinhood, the popular stock trading app, uses Plaid to authenticate bank accounts before making bank payment transfers to minimize payment failures and overdrafts. By using Plaid’s credential-based login to link to user bank accounts during onboarding, Plaid helps Robinhood get people trading faster.

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