Product Features
Onboard more legitimate users

Monitor intelligently constrains searches to reduce false positives, maximize match rates, and minimize costs based on a customizable risk profile.

Save time on manual reviews

Reviews are easier than ever with cutting-edge watchlist search algorithms combined with smart auto-assignment and escalation.

Maintain compliance with daily rescans

Monitor rescans your customer list daily against constantly updated anti-money laundering (AML) and politically exposed persons (PEP) lists from authoritative sources.

Comprehensive anti-money laundering screening

Stay compliant with ever-changing government sanctions and watchlists. Monitor re-scans your customer list against daily-updated watchlists from authoritative sources.

Robust politically exposed persons screening

Monitor reduces false positives by combining regularly updated government databases with algorithms designed to eliminate common inconsistencies across both user inputs and underlying watchlist search data.

A complete compliance CRM

Easily adhere to the Four Eyes Principle with user roles, automatic manager escalations, random case review assignments, and two person sign-off on reviews.

Investigations made easy

Monitor keeps track of changes to your customers’ watchlist hits over time. Get a complete picture of everything required for an investigation - new names, locations, passports, and dates of birth.

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