01 Our Vision

Our vision

Plaid is focused on democratizing financial services through technology. We build beautiful consumer experiences, developer-friendly infrastructure, and intelligence tools that give everyone the ability to create amazing products that solve big problems.

02 Our Business

Our business

We started out by building the technical infrastructure APIs that connect consumers, traditional financial institutions, and developers. Today, we add key insight to the data access we provide with our suite of analytics products.

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03 Our Space
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Chelsea Allison

Our space

Fittingly, Plaid's offices are situated at the intersection of finance and technology: San Francisco's Financial District.

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Cris Feo
Al Hertz
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Alex Dickey
Paolo Bernasconi
04 Our People

Our people

We have diverse backgrounds and skills, but we're all passionate about building a more efficient and inclusive financial infrastructure—together.

team Adamson
Kate Adamson

Kate helps lead Growth at Plaid, responsible for sales, expanding into new verticals and managing partnerships. She previously worked in the office of the COO at JPMorgan Chase in regulatory strategy. Previously, she worked in their investment bank selling interest rates and securitized products to financial institutions. Kate graduated from Princeton University majoring in Economics with a Certificate in Theater & Dance. She enjoys good food, art and competitive games.

team Allison
Chelsea Allison

Chelsea leads Plaid's content and marketing efforts. Before Plaid, she led marketing at Sookasa, a cloud security company acquired by Barracuda Networks. In prior lives, she was a writer at Vogue and an investment banker at Wells Fargo. She's partial to Duke basketball, her husband's cooking, and the Oxford comma.

team Harwin
Taylor Harwin
Product Support Engineering

Taylor Harwin is originally from Virginia Beach, VA, and graduated from Columbia University with majors in Economics and French Literature. He started his career at Facebook, then moved to Twitter, where he was a member of the Trust & Safety team. He left that role to pursue software engineering, and worked on the front-end team at Jama Software before joining Plaid. He enjoys running, playing the electric guitar, and shamelessly self-promoting his personal brand.

team Wong
Sandy Wong

Sandy oversees accounting, tax, and business operations at Plaid. She's originally from Connecticut where she studied Accounting. After graduating, she joined PwC and most recently helped companies like One Kings Lane and Optimizely build out their back-offices from the ground up. She spends her free time practicing yoga and exploring the bay area with her husband and dog.

team Berardinelli
Kevin Berardinelli

Kevin focuses on Growth at Plaid. Originally from Connecticut, he studied physics at Wake Forest and mathematics at Georgetown, and most recently worked in DC helping startups and the U.S. government work together. Of note, he once starred in the musical Forever Plaid and, fittingly, his wardrobe consists of mostly plaid clothing [yes, he loves a good pun].

team Pettit
Joe Pettit
Product Support Engineering

Joe is a product support engineer. He is originally from New Jersey, but he has recently lived in Texas and now works remotely from the Minneapolis area. When not working Joe spends his time on his numerous side projects, improving his coding skills and occasionally traveling.

team Kahn
Dan Kahn
Business Development

Dan Kahn focuses on Business Development at Plaid. He joins from Capital One, where he worked on digital payments partnerships and corporate strategy. Prior to Capital One, Dan was a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and an early team member at Kiva and CommonBond. Dan has a BA from Tufts University and an MBA/MPA degree from Wharton and the Harvard Kennedy School. Outside work, Dan enjoys skiing, nerding out on behavioral science, and travel hacking.

team Shogry
Baker Shogry

Prior to joining Plaid, Baker worked for Silver Lake where he focused on growth investments in enterprise technology. Prior to Silver Lake, he worked for Bain & Company. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Davidson College.

team Hildebrandt
Alexis Hildebrandt
Software Engineering

Born and raised in the heart of Berlin, Alexis experienced history first-hand when the Wall came down. He studied informatics at the Brandenburg University of Applied Science and focuses on the native mobile experience for Plaid. Apart from all things Unix, Alexis enjoys preparing and eating raw vegan delicacies complemented by fresh juices and a fine selection of exquisite music.

team Bernasconi
Paolo Bernasconi
Software Engineering

Paolo is a software engineer at Plaid, focusing on consumer-facing products. Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, he recently graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Economics and Computer Science. When not at work, you'll find him traveling to the ends of the world, searching for the freshest powder.

team Mezenner
Omar Mezenner
Software Engineering

Originally from Texas, Omar studied Electrical Engineering at Caltech. Prior to Plaid, he worked as an options trader at PEAK6 and an engineer at Oracle. He enjoys avoiding the existential dread by staring at a glowing screen for 18 hours a day.

team Kot
Nathan Kot
Software Engineering

Nathan is a software engineer at Plaid hailing from New Zealand, where he studied Finance and Economics in the University of Auckland. Now living in Tokyo, he spends his free time eating good food and snowboarding.

team Miner
Luke Miner
Data Science

Luke is a data scientist at Plaid. Before Plaid, Luke worked as a data scientist at Crowdpac and C9, and as an assistant professor of economics. He studied philosophy at Stanford and earned a PhD in economics at the London School of Economics. He is the author of a book, Paris Jazz, and in his free time enjoys reading comics, playing guitar, chasing after his toddler, and rocking his baby.

team Lee
Kris Lee
Product Support Engineering

Kris is a product support engineer at Plaid. Originally from Manila, he lived in Singapore before moving to San Francisco in 2009. When he’s not busy coding, he spends his days playing with his cat, watching figure skating, and making vegan Filipino and Russian food. An avid traveler, he dreams of going to Antarctica one day to be surrounded by penguins.

team Dickey
Alex Dickey

Alex helps lead the Customer Operations team at Plaid. Originally from California’s Monterey Bay, he spent his college years at UC Berkeley studying rhetoric—a natural fit for a career in financial technology. After a few seasons spent in Austin, Texas, he returns to San Francisco reinforced with a love of humidity, music, and breakfast for dinner.

team Fatemi
Pouya Fatemi

Pouya Fatemi leads Business Operations and Finance. He joins from Dropbox, where he co-built Strategic Finance and led multiple high-priority capital raising, growth and profitability initiatives. Previously, Pouya invested in enterprise startups at Accretive and advised tech companies on IPO and M&A at Goldman Sachs. Pouya holds a BA and an MS from Stanford. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, skiing, and cheering for the Mavs.

team Chen
Phil Chen
Technical Operations

Phil does Technical Operations at Plaid. Originally from the Bay Area, you can find him out and about with his two dogs or devouring food that lacks nutrition.

team Feo
Cris Feo
Software Engineering

Cris is a software engineer at Plaid. Originally from Texas, he studied computer science at the University of Pennsylvania and worked as a consultant in Chicago before making his way to San Francisco. When not sharing his opinion of the latest javascript framework, he can usually be found scratching his chin over a tough bouldering problem.

team Gandhi
Sima Gandhi
Business Development

Sima Gandhi leads Business Development and Strategy. She joins from Amex, where she launched Bluebird with WalMart, drove Amex’s financial inclusion approach, and led strategy for new lending products. Prior to Amex she oversaw the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and managed White House/regulatory relationships at the US Treasury Department. Previously she practiced law at Simpson Thatcher. Sima holds a BA/BS in engineering from Stanford and a JD/LLM. Outside work, you can find her in yoga class or on a long stroll.

team Casper
Kalee Casper

Kalee manages office operations and recruiting coordination at Plaid. Originally from beautiful Vancouver BC, Kalee has a passion for all things West Coast. Outside of the office Kalee enjoys anything related to food and exploring the Bay Area with her Miniature Dachshund.

team Hertz
Al Hertz

Al is a designer dedicated to building technology that makes banks more useful for developers. Prior to joining Plaid, he led design at Gumroad, a company designing a better commerce experience for the creative economy. When not working, he can usually be found exploring the Bay Area, practicing yoga, making music, or reorganizing his closet.

team Hockey
William Hockey

Prior to Plaid, William studied Computer Science at Emory and worked at Bain & Co. A native Central Coaster, he continues that life surfing, climbing, and exploring Northern California.

team Kelly
Michael Kelly
Software Engineering

Originally hailing from Washington, DC, Michael studied Computer Science at Duke University. He enjoys building on all things Plaid. When not writing code, he spends his days finding not-so-hilly running routes around San Francisco.

team Lai
Michael Lai
Software Engineering

Michael is an American software engineer from Durham, North Carolina. Before Plaid, he studied Computer Science and Statistics at Duke University. When not looking at computers, he enjoys listening to music and photography.

team Li
Charles Li
Software Engineering

Charles is an Iowa-born software engineer who enjoys working in all parts of the stack. Charles studied Computer Science at Harvard and designed APIs for Microsoft. When not coding, he can be found armed with a pool cue around the office table.

team Ma
Charley Ma

Charley focuses on growth at Plaid. Originally from the bay area, he majored in Economics and minored in Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania. Post graduation, he worked in New York at JPMorgan Chase doing R&D and payments strategy, covering things such as Bitcoin (and other virtual currencies) for the bank. On the weekends, he enjoys playing tennis, taking photos, and eating fries with ice cream.

team McBride
Adam McBride
Technical Operations

With a passion for techops and security Adam leads infrastructure engineering at Plaid. When he is not automating infrastructure he spends time remodeling his house, wrenching on cars and hanging out with his family.

team Rowan
Bill Rowan
Software Engineering

Bill is a software engineer at Plaid who focuses on functions and types.

team Allarakhia
Zain Allarakhia
Software Engineering

Before working at Plaid as a software engineer, Zain studied finance at the University of Michigan and worked at Locu, Invitae, Braintree and Instavest. Outside of work, he enjoys reading and traveling with his wife.

team Perret
Zachary Perret

Prior to Plaid, Zach worked for Bain & Co focused on technology mergers and acquisitions. Zach studied Physics and Chemistry at Duke, and then stuck around for a while to write software for laser system controllers.

team Pour
Soroush Pour
Software Engineering

Prior to joining Plaid as an Infrastructure Engineer, Soroush grew up in Australia and travelled to North Carolina to study Mechanical Engineering at Duke University. He loves to boulder on the weekends and can make surprisingly believable monkey noises that he swears make him a better climber.

team Tremblay
Carl Tremblay

Originally from the great state of Texas—where he consumed an unhealthy number of breakfast tacos as a child—Carl leads Platform and Customer Growth at Plaid. An avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast, he loves exploring new corners of the world and can often be found climbing rocks, rafting rivers, and getting lost in the wilderness.

team Hurley
Amanda Hurley
Executive Assistant

As the EA at Plaid, Amanda keeps the co-founders on track. She holds a BA in Sociology and Communications, and recently spent a year traveling the world. Prior to Plaid, she worked for a stock brokerage firm in Sydney, Australia, a long-short hedge fund, and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. She enjoys good food, the great outdoors, and taking in new cultures.

team Tsimis
Stephanie Tsimis

Stephanie works on content, product, and brand marketing efforts at Plaid. Prior to Plaid, she worked at Visa rotating through functions like marketing, strategy, and partnerships. Originally from New Jersey, she is a proud Duke Blue Devil with a degree in Public Policy and English.

team Chen
Jayme Chen

Jayme drives lead acquisition and marketing analytics at Plaid. Prior to joining Plaid, she was a performance marketer at DocuSign, Loggly, and Balsam Brands. She studied Systems Engineering and Cinema Studies at University of Pennsylvania. Originally from Taipei, she has an obsession for boba and hot pot.

team Zhang
Zen Zhang

Zen is the second lawyer on the Legal team at Plaid. Zen majored in software engineering in college but somehow ended up as a lawyer. He grew up in Vancouver, Canada and joins Plaid from the law firm of Morrison & Foerster (fondly known as MoFo). When Zen is not running redlines, he enjoys reading, playing video games and board games, and spending time with his two chubby grey tabby kitties and their beautiful tiger mom.

team Fonseka
Shano Fonseka

Shano focuses on security, compliance, and risk at Plaid. Before joining Plaid, Shano was a technology consultant at Kaiser Permanente, focused on IT Security and Compliance. When not in the office, he is traveling, editing children's books, or experimenting with unnecessarily complicated cooking techniques.

team Showen
Eric Showen
Business Development

Eric works in Business Development at Plaid. Prior to Plaid, Eric was a case team leader in the technology practice at Bain & Co. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Public Policy and Economics from Stanford. In his free time, Eric is passionate about running, international travel, and exploring national parks.

team Zheng
Joy Zheng
Software Engineering

Joy is a software engineer at Plaid. Before Plaid, she worked as an engineer at Vessel and studied Computer Science and Mathematics at Harvard University. In her free time, she's often searching for either book recommendations or new chocolate truffle-making ingredients.

team Blair
Judd Blair
Software Engineering

Judd is a software engineer at Plaid. He spends most of his time making pourover coffee and swearing at whatever stack trace happens to be on his screen at the time. Outside the office, Judd enjoys cooking, cycling, photography, climbing, collecting records, and trying to figure out how to cram all the gear from his hobbies into his apartment.

team Dashevskii
Oleg Dashevskii
Software Engineering

Oleg is a software engineer at Plaid. Born and raised in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, Siberia, he put his scientific career on hold to build backends for startups. Apart from coding and thinking about code, Oleg enjoys playing guitar, spending time with his son and traveling along Siberia.

team Evans
Mike Evans
Customer Success

Michael is originally from England, spent many years in Canada and New Jersey, and now works in Plaid's San Francisco office. Outside of Plaid, Michael can be found in taquerias, bakeries or in transit to one of the two.

team Morici
Adrianna Morici

Developing relationships is Adrianna's passion. As a recruiter, she has been fortunate to merge her personal passion with a successful career. Formerly of Square and Google and forever on the phone, she lives to attract and retain the best talent. When not scouring the earth for brilliant engineers and creatives, you can find her running or crafting delicious recipes. She's happy to call San Francisco home and is passionate about environmental conservation.

team Stinson
Meg Stinson

Meg is part of Plaid's Marketing team leading PR and comms. Before joining, she led marketing for AltX, a hedge fund analytics platform, and led PR for the Investment Bank at UBS and BNP Paribas. She was previously a jay-walking New Yorker and spends her free time partaking in a bevy of hobbies. She hails from Princeton, NJ and is a UPenn grad.

team Shah
Rohan Shah
Software Engineering

Prior to joining Plaid, Rohan studied Computer Science at UT Austin and built APIs at Shippo. He spends his free time cycling, traveling, and enjoying the cultural offerings of the Bay Area.

team Huth
Sara Huth

Sara loves building engineering and leadership teams, puppies and Starbucks. In her free time, Sara can typically be found traveling, playing with her dog or making her way through the list of restaurants in San Francisco with the best tater tots.

team Loo
Edmund Loo
Software Engineering

Edmund loves cockatoos, durian, snowboarding, and taking pictures! He joined Plaid as an engineer after working at Tinder, Facebook, and Arista Networks. If you want to get to know Edmund, look him up online or email him!

team Kovler
Josh Kovler
Business Operations

Josh focuses on Business Operations at Plaid. He joins from Catapultian where, as Co-Founder & CEO, he helped nonprofits approve more than $35 million of new investments in mission-driven ventures and oversaw the development of Catapultian's web-based, no-minimum donor advised fund. Prior to Catapultian, Josh worked at Lazard Frères in its Corporate Finance Group. Josh enjoys reading, rock climbing, and skiing.

team Tindall
Nathan Tindall
Software Engineering

Nathan is a software engineer at Plaid. Originally from Tampa, Florida, Nathan recently graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Computer Music and an M.S. in Computer Science with a concentration in Systems. He is pretty confident that the word 'systems' has never been more present in such a short bio. When not coding away, Nathan enjoys being active, creating plant-based meals, listening to music, and seeing colors.

team Williamson
Paul Williamson

At Plaid, Paul is the Head of Sales. Most recently, he was the Head of Merchant Specialized Sales for Visa Inc., leading the go-to-market function for all enterprise merchant solutions, and prior to that was Vice President of Sales at Salesforce.com. Before Salesforce, Paul held senior sales leadership roles at Triniteq, a company that specializes in mobile, wireless POS, and payments, and even spent a year as a consultant for a boutique tech due diligence research firm. Outside of Plaid, he can be found spending time with his family or swimming, biking, and running his way around the Bay Area.

team Shieh
Vincent Shieh
Product Support Engineering

Vincent grew up in Taipei, Taiwan and studied biochemistry at Harvey Mudd College. In his spare time, he enjoys dancing, biking, and exploring San Francisco.

team Huang
Brandon Huang

Hailing from Taipei, Brandon studied math and computer science at Columbia University before joining Growth at Plaid. When not binge-listening to podcasts, he's out taking photos, reading books he never finishes, learning languages he never uses, and eating more sushi than is good for him.

team Tkeshelashvili
Giorgi Tkeshelashvili
Software Engineering

Before joining Plaid as a software engineer and moving to one of his favorite cities in the world, Giorgi moved from the country of Georgia to the state where he studied Computer Science at Georgia Tech and later worked at Yik Yak. Other than organizing the first ever college hackathon in his home town of Tbilisi from thousands of miles away, he claims he can juggle the football 200+ times without dropping it. Hit him up for the latest techno tracks.

team Kim
Jeeyoung Kim
Software Engineering

Jee is a data engineer at Plaid. Prior to Plaid, Jee worked for Square focusing on payments infrastructure and data warehousing. Jee studied computer science and mathematics at Waterloo.

team Johnson
Max Johnson
Software Engineering

Max is a software engineer at Plaid. Before Plaid, he was a software engineer at Dropbox and Google, and studied EECS at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!). When not coding, he is often nerding out about electronic music subgenres and going to shows. He can also be found cycling, camping, traveling, and making dad jokes.

team Tsai
Stephen Tsai
Software Engineering

Stephen grew up in the Bay Area and learned to appreciate the weather after going to school and living on the East Coast. He has a healthy obsession with sports, pop culture, and crossword puzzles and an unhealthy obsession with flaming hot cheetos. In his free time, he thinks of reasons to avoid going for a run and explore San Francisco's yuppiest restaurants instead.

team Chan
Evelyn Chan

Evelyn is the assistant controller at Plaid. After graduating from UC Berkeley, she started her career as an auditor at KPMG. She has since helped build the accounting and finance functions at Square and Envoy, and is excited to do it again at Plaid! Her favorite activities are backpacking, traveling, and reading.

team Sandhu
Tara Sandhu

Originally from India, Tara focuses on risk and compliance. Before Plaid, she worked with Gusto as part of their Internal Risk team, and KPMG within their Risk Consulting practice. Outside of work she enjoys travelling, music and good food.

team Jones
Ryan Jones

Ryan leads the Compliance team at Plaid. He joined from Square, where he was the Chief Compliance officer and spent six years building the Compliance program. Previously he was a management consultant serving large financial service clients. He has an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and a BS in Information Technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. A bay area native, he’s a big fan of the A’s and spends lots of time in the outdoors with his dog.

team Greze
Jean-Denis Greze
Head of Engineering

Jean-Denis leads Engineering at Plaid. He previously was Director of Engineering at Dropbox, where he led teams such as growth, identity, notifications, Paper and payments. Prior to Dropbox, Jean-Denis worked in fintech in New York. Outside of work, you’ll find him trail running, reading, or plotting his next vacation to Japan.

team Wijayanti
Mira Wijayanti
Business Development

Mira focuses on Business Development at Plaid. Prior to Plaid, she funded and advised early-stage social enterprises at Draper Richards Kaplan, a global social venture fund. She also spent time on the Enterprise Risk team at BofA Merrill Lynch and worked in Uganda for the Clinton Foundation. Originally from Indonesia, Mira is a connoisseur of spicy food who enjoys collecting stamps in her passport, practicing yoga, and exploring California’s great outdoors.

team Stern
Jake Stern

Originally from the Bay Area, Jake studied Economics at Brown before joining the Sales team at Plaid. On the weekends he enjoys exploring glorious California by bike and motorcycle, strumming his guitar, and playing basketball.

team Perretta
Madeline Perretta

Madeline is a modern day matchmaker helping Plaid attract and engage the finest talent the market has to offer. She comes to Plaid holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with an emphasis in marketing from UC Berkeley.

team Hall
Chris Hall
Product Support Engineering

Chris follows the flow of fate, bounding from lifeguarding on the beaches of Florida to specializing in product management and support in Silicon Valley. He discovered early on – after entering college at 14 years old – a patience for pursuing and attaining goals considered nearly impractical, as well as a passion for strategic thinking. He also enjoys barefoot rock climbing, playing harmonica, disassembling computers, and embarking on new adventures with family and friends.

team Hu
Kevin Hu
Data Science

Kevin is a data analyst at Plaid. Prior to joining Plaid, he led analytics at Operator and traded treasury bond futures in Chicago, after studying applied math at Harvard. Aside from working in data, he's a violinist and a shelter medicine volunteer with the San Francisco SPCA.

team Kansal
Sattvik Kansal
Software Engineering

Prior to joining Plaid as a software engineer, Sattvik studied Computer Science at Cornell University. When not coding and listening to music, he can often be found reading a non-fiction book or making plans to explore the Bay Area.

team Gau
Ashley Gau
Software Engineering

Ashley is a software engineer at Plaid, previously at Medium and Lumos Labs. She studied Computer Science and Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley. Go Bears! Ashley enjoys modular origami, hiking, yoga, reading science fiction/fantasy, and a good beer.

team Krause
Steve Krause
Product Support Engineering

Steve is a Product Support Specialist. Before Plaid, he studied at UC Santa Cruz, where he spent much of his time outdoors, and helped build out the Customer Care team at DoorDash. He loves cycling, the color yellow, cooking, and, if he's feeling brave enough, eating the food he cooks.

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