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We started Plaid to solve a simple problem: How can we empower developers and consumers to control their financial data? That mission still motivates us as we work to lower the barrier to entry into financial services.

Four years in, we’ve helped tens of thousands of applications—like Stripe, Coinbase, Venmo, Capital One, and charity: water build secure and user-friendly experiences that empower consumers to use their financial data in new ways. In the last year alone, we connected more than 20 million accounts—and we’re just getting started.

While we’ve made good progress, we have a long way to go. Whether we’re building systems to analyze billions of transactions or working with legislators on Capitol Hill, our work is varied and challenging—and we’d love your help.


Financial technology is a space ripe for innovation through design, and although our team is small, we have big plans for the future. From getting out in the field and talking to customers to polishing pixels just before launch, we're a craft-obsessed yet pragmatic team dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the way people interact with their wallets.


    Plaid was originally started by engineers seeking to empower developers democratizing financial services. We’re still true to those roots as a technology-focused company.

    Across our team, we value a product-oriented mindset and a passion for building clean and scalable code. We focus on creating the best possible environment to build amazing products. We limit meetings, rely on asynchronous communication, and consistently host company wide hackathons to promote cross-team collaboration and to grow our engineering chops.

    Our stack is as varied as the problems we’re working to solve, so we're always on the lookout for talented engineers to join our team.


      Plaid is helping to build a more efficient, innovative, and secure financial system. We need to be nimble as we sit at the intersection of some of the most established businesses in the world and others who are just starting up.

      The Operations Team is responsible for optimizing and scaling our systems, processes, and talent to make the above vision a reality. This makes for a unique set of challenges that calls for a diverse skill set.


        Our products enable major institutions and individual developers to build features on top of banks—we power many of the most exciting developments financial services has seen in years.

        To do this, we marry design and engineering to ensure that the user experience is seamless from front end to back end.

        The problems we’re tackling call for people who are dedicated and craft-obsessed—people who can polish products, but who are also pragmatic about shipping.


          Our clients are our highest priority, and our focus is on helping customers—from large to small—build the best applications and benefit from modern technologies.

          Our relationships with financial institutions are a key part of our product, as is collaborating with a variety of stakeholders to creatively solve the biggest problems facing financial services today.

            Product support

            Our number one goal is making sure customers have the best experience possible. On any given day, we respond to customer inquiries ranging from a college student building his or her first application to the CTO of a Fortune 500 company looking to transform the delivery of financial services.

            You’ll get to ensure that customers building the next generation of financial services have an incredible experience with Plaid.

              Life at Plaid

              At Plaid, we work hard to find people who are not only exceptionally talented, but also live out our values of boldness, humility, and pragmatism. We strive to create an inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive.

              When we’re not working hard to modernize financial services, we make sure to have fun and learn together outside of our normal day-to-day work, whether it’s on company retreats, at Plaiderdays (our internal hack week), or during monthly co-worker meetups.

              Apply by API

              At Plaid, our API is core to everything we do. In the spirit of contributing to that culture, we love to receive job applications as calls to our API.

              Simply submit a POST request to our careers endpoint with a raw JSON request body, as seen to the right, and we’ll get back to you!

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