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Make an impact across tens of millions of users

Plaid builds the technical infrastructure that makes Venmo, Chime, Acorns, and many other impactful companies possible—but it’s not just fintech startups or financial services that rely on Plaid. The way we see it, every company has the potential to be a fintech company, and the need for users to be able to access and control their own financial data will only grow.

That’s why it’s a great time to join Plaid. Right now, we serve hundreds of thousands of end users a day. We’ve got big goals to reach and tough technical challenges to solve to make sure they have the best experience possible.

Today and every day, Plaid is proud to support women in #fintech. We are moving the industry forward and building a better financial system 💪 💪🏻 💪🏼 💪🏽 💪🏾 💪🏿 #iwd2019 #iwd #lifeatplaid

Everyone has really high ownership over the systems our team owns and is always willing to jump in and do whatever has the highest impact.


Bringing people together

We foster an inclusive workplace at Plaid. Whether it’s our biweekly Plairings, Diversity & Inclusion events, regular team outings, or our annual retreat, we want there to be a little something for everyone.

Our principles

The right stuff

Our seven principles guide everything we do—from quarterly planning and product development to emails and daily interactions.


Passing of the Plammer

The Plammer is a sledgehammer that symbolizes excellence. It is passed from one Plaid to another in order to recognize an especially impactful contribution.


The work we do is designed to create extraordinary outcomes for consumers and our customers. We prioritize work based on the lasting impact it creates.


Demo hour

Once every six weeks, Plaids gather to share some of the coolest things they’ve been working on and the progress they’ve made. These lightning-style talks always attract a big crowd.

Grow, together

We constantly strive to learn and improve—as individuals, as teams, and as a company. We foster a culture of feedback, delivered frequently and empathetically.

Plaid for Good

Plaid for Good is our community outreach program. Recent projects include volunteering for Project Homeless Connect, Larkin Street Youth Services, and habitat restoration on Mt. Sutro.

Embrace openness and positivity

We are intentional with our openness—or clear when we cannot be. We approach both our relationships and our challenges with optimism.


Weekly OKR check-ins

At Plaid, we believe in OKRs (Objectives + Key Results). We set goals that are time-bound and measurable, ambitious yet achievable—and check in with them frequently.

Think rigorously; act with urgency

We work diligently to make sound decisions—but we recognize that speed matters. We act with urgency to bring our work to the world.

Retrospectives 🔬

After a project has shipped, the team meets to measure results against expectations, celebrate what went well, and identify areas for future improvement. This yields a growing library of best practices that can be shared throughout the company.

Make it better

Each of us is an owner of Plaid. We do not seek perfection; rather, we strive for valuable, pragmatic improvements to our products, our company, and our craft.


Customer events

We focus on delivering exceptional products that are transforming our customer’s businesses. We connect with them at Money2020 and a host of other events around the world.

Consumer outcomes via customer love

Plaid exists to improve outcomes for customers. The primary way we achieve that is through the love and loyalty of our customers.



Twice a year, we set aside time to tackle big problems and build creative solutions. It’s our company hackathon, and it’s yielded some of Plaid’s biggest innovations.

Invent tomorrow

We think big and take responsibility for building a better financial system. We don’t wait to see what the future will bring; we create it.


We invest in our people

Benefits package

Top-notch medical, life, 401k benefits, partnerships with SoFi and monthly wellness stipend (gym on us).

Flexible vacation policy

There are many reasons to be away from the office and we value that.

Equity packages

We think everyone at Plaid should feel ownership over their work—literally.

Learning stipend

We encourage Plaid employees to pursue personal development and growth.

Our office locations

San Francisco

Our headquarters is in sunny SOMA and includes a beautiful sun-filled atrium, a private outdoor deck and even a (semi-hidden) climbing wall.

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Salt Lake City

This office, conveniently located in downtown SLC, is a fast-growing engineering hub.

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We guarantee a great work experience for our distributed team, whether they are working from a coworking space, living room, or traveling the world!

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New York

Our second-largest office and East Coast command center is in the heart of Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood.

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Located in Shoreditch, our office is in the heart of the London fintech community.

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Flanked by canals, our Amsterdam office is located in the Central Business District.

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