Lenders using this solution

Lenders struggle to gain a holistic picture of loan applicants due to the amount of manual work and time it takes to collect accurate data from multiple sources. Applying for a loan is also an overwhelming process for most borrowers.

Plaid helps lenders make informed decisions through instant connectivity to source data, a seamless user experience, and automation that drives operational efficiency across the lending process.

Plaid across the lending process

Verify applicants’ identities at loan application without adding friction

Seamlessly verify identities

Fight fraud and handle KYC requirements, including data sources, documentary, and liveness (selfie) through Identity Verification.

Manage AML compliance

Monitor helps you stay compliant with ongoing AML screening with fewer false-positives and manual reviews.

Build a comprehensive, simple, and fast underwriting process

Access bank account information

Assets provides a fast and up-to-date view of a borrower’s bank accounts, allowing you to verify assets and account ownership in seconds.

Plaid is a certified Day 1 Certainty™ asset verification report supplier for Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® and Freddie Mac’s Loan Product Advisor® Asset and Income Modeler (AIM).

Verify income and employment

Income helps you verify anyone's income and employment with the most comprehensive, all-in-one product suite (Payroll, Bank, and Document Income).

Connect and verify accounts for loan disbursement and repayment

Instantly authenticate accounts

Auth instantly authenticates bank accounts for loan disbursement and repayment so you can set up ACH transfers from any bank and credit union in the US.

Check balances in real-time

Balance instantly checks whether borrowers have enough funds during loan repayment, protecting against overdraft and NSF fees.

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