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The faster and easier way to onboard customers, secure transactions, and move money - all in one place.

onboard customers

You work hard to get customers to sign up. But still, nearly 7 in 10 abandon the onboarding process. With Plaid, you can instantly authenticate and verify accounts so customers get up and running in seconds.

Boost conversion by up to 23%.

secure transactions

ACH returns can cost you valuable time, money, and customers. By combining Plaid’s fraud and risk intelligence products, you can verify funds and assess risk with confidence–giving more customers instant access to their funds.

After switching to Plaid, Uphold lowered their return losses by 73%.

Woman drinking tea with mobile phone and steps for securing transactions, including instant ACH and identity verification.

move money

Everyone has their preferred payment methods. With Plaid, you can build a custom multi-rail solution that’s right for you. So you can reach more customers while optimizing for revenue each step of the way.

Power a fast, secure payment experience with Transfer and 50+ global partners.

Create better experiences, at every stage
of the customer journey

from the moment they sign up to the moment they move money.

Here’s how it works

  • Step 1: Onboard a new customer

    With Plaid Auth, customers can connect their checking or savings accounts in as little as 7 seconds, boosting conversion and engagement.

  • Collect account details and prevent account, identity, and transaction fraud with Signal, Balance, Identity, and Identity Verification.

  • Transfer allows you to immediately move money on the rail of your choice. Plus, with access to our Partnership ecosystem, you can easily integrate processors for any use case.

Why use payments?

Connect with millions of customers for an
easier, safer payment experience

Higher conversion

Instantly authenticate bank accounts for payments with a sign-up process that converts 23% higher than the leading competitor.

Lower fraud

Speed up access to funds and reduce return risk with a risk program powered by the industry's largest Open Banking platform.

Easy integration

With our easy-to-integrate bundle, you can combine the power of Plaid’s products and our Partnership ecosystem to handle any use case.

Give your team what they need to fight
and stay compliant

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