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Obtaining a comprehensive picture of users' financial health is often times difficult when they have accounts at multiple financial institutions.

Plaid consolidates financial data from multiple sources and categorizes transaction data with typically 24 months of history, making it easy to use and analyze.

Because of Plaid, we were able to scale quickly without hiring additional engineers, saving us an immense amount of costs and time.
Daniel Whiffing, Technical Lead at DropSee the full case study
Products and benefits
Provide personalized spending insights

Use Transactions and Enrich to create budgeting tools and tailored recommendations that help your users achieve their financial goals

Enable in–app balance checks

Create a stickier experience by using Balance to allow your users to check the balances of their linked depository accounts in real-time within your app

Understand a user’s investments

Leverage Investments to gain insight into a user’s investment accounts, including account balances, holdings, and transactions that create a change in a holding

Help people manage debt

Use Liabilities (US only) and Transactions to remind users of upcoming debt payments and suggest refinancing and debt consolidation options

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