June 03, 2023

Do more faster with the new Plaid dashboard

Hee-Sun Kang

Today, 80% of US consumers are fintech users, compared to just 58% in 2020. That wouldn’t be possible without the digital finance tools you, our customers, have built. Amplifying that impact on people’s financial lives is central to everything we do. 

So we’ve launched products in new spaces, like verifying identities and payment risk, to tackle more challenges across the customer journey. And you’ve taken note. Over the last year, 62% of our customers have used multiple Plaid tools to do everything from simplifying onboarding to fighting fraud and accelerating payments.

We've redesigned our dashboard to reflect this shift in how we work together and address feedback about navigation issues. The new dashboard design saves you time by making it easier to find the tools you need–and discover new ones. Try it today and tell us what you think. 

A dashboard that works as hard as you do

A key focus for this redesign was to make it easy for you to find everything you need in one place. The Plaid IDV dashboard was one of our biggest areas for improvement.

In the past, Plaid IDV features lived in a separate dashboard, making it difficult to navigate back and forth between these products and the rest of Plaid’s features. Now, you can save time by accessing the Identity Verification and Monitor products, all from a single dashboard.

Easier navigation for everyone 

We’ve also re-designed our navigation bar so dashboard features are easier to discover and access. With our revamped navigation, all of the products you've enabled have a dedicated space. 

This design also makes it easier to access some of the new navigation sections we’ve added, with different user types in mind. For example, the developer section contains links to your Logs, Keys, and API configuration settings. 

That way, every team member, from developers to support team members, is only a few clicks away from what they need. 

Building better together 

We look forward to continuing to improve the dashboard by making it easier to better manage dashboard users and their permissions, adding alerts to help you keep track of updates, and more. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new design and any other changes you’d like to see. You’ll find a link to give feedback in the footer when logged into the dashboard. Your feedback will make building with Plaid even better.