Plaid gives you tools so you can meaningfully control your data

We understand that when you use Plaid, you're entrusting us with some of your most valuable and private information. We work hard to make it clear when an app or service is using Plaid and to communicate how we protect your data.

Your financial information belongs to you — you should control how it's used and with whom it's shared (and not shared). We build tools that let you control how you share your financial information.

You'll always know where Plaid stands

Our goal is to make our role in the account connection process transparent and easy to understand. The most common way you'll encounter Plaid is through another app or service you have chosen to use. We require apps that use Plaid to disclose our role — you'll see the Plaid name or logo, an explanation of what we do, and easily accessible links to our privacy policy. When you see Plaid, know your information will be securely shared to help power the app or service you're using.

We're committed to treating your data responsibly. We don't share your personal financial information without your permission, and we don't sell or rent it to outside companies.

How we handle data
Encryption safeguards your data while using Plaid

When you use Plaid to connect an account to an app, we help keep your data safe and private with best-in-class encryption protocols like the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256) and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security

To help ensure a secure account connection, Plaid built its own multi-factor authentication (MFA) in case your financial institution doesn’t offer one. With Plaid’s MFA as a backup, almost all logins feature this extra security step.

Our products are built on secure cloud infrastructure

We use modern cloud technologies to host the Plaid API. By using cloud infrastructure, we’re able to leverage years of safety enhancements to better protect data.

Around-the-clock monitoring protects your information

Robust safety monitoring, automated alerts, and a 24/7 on-call team helps Plaid quickly respond to and resolve any potential issues, so you can be confident your private information is secure.

Independent security testing helps us continuously improve

Some of the most trusted security researchers, app developers, and financial institutions regularly audit Plaid's API and security controls. And our bug bounty program makes sure anyone, anywhere can help make our systems safe.

Creating a safer financial future for everyone

We share our security practices and technologies with our partners to make sure we’re moving toward a more secure digital financial ecosystem together. And we continuously work with fintech companies and banks to push the entire industry forward.