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Hear from leading execs across fintech about how Plaid’s Network connects the financial ecosystem, driving growth and delivering insights no other platform can offer.

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Conversations with industry leaders


A look at the 
future of crypto

Emilie Choi, President and Chief Operating Officer of Coinbase, discusses the company’s relentless focus on building trust to power the crypto economy, along with a perspective on where crypto is headed next.


Building honest financial products

Hear from President of Affirm, Libor Michalek, on how the idea of honest financial products came about, finding product market fit, and how Affirm has raised the bar by building credit transparency into underwriting through cash flow data.


The rise of pay by bank

Businesses are prioritizing lowering costs of payments, which is why pay by bank is accelerating in the US faster than ever. Hear more from Adyen’s SVP and Global Head of Digital Strategy, Trevor Nies, on opportunities ahead for merchants and businesses.

H&R Block

Expanding into mobile banking

H&R Block, a brand synonymous with taxes over the past few decades, is pushing for more digital innovation. Chief Financial Services Officer, Les Whiting, talks about how the company is building a competitive moat through its core business.

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