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November 21, 2019

Plaid in France, Spain, and Ireland

Keith Grose

Updated on November 21, 2019

Plaid envisions a fully inclusive fintech ecosystem that serves everyone, no matter where they bank or live. Throughout 2019, we’ve made a tremendous amount of progress towards achieving this goal. We strengthened our institution coverage in Canada, made our first overseas expansion by entering the UK, and continued to add support for many more UK banks and neobanks.

Today, we're excited to announce the next step towards increasing access for consumers with the launch of Plaid in France, Spain, and Ireland in beta.

France, Spain, and Ireland each have their own unique fintech communities that are flourishing. Consumer demand and adoption of fintech is increasing significantly in Europe in part thanks to PSD2, but there’s still so much room for developers to build new tools that make it easier for people to manage their finances. We hope our coverage can foster these local ecosystems, strengthen the rollout of PSD2, and provide a bridge for developers to bring their services to new markets.

For this launch, we built integrations with the largest financial institutions in France, Spain, and Ireland, including Société Générale, Santander, and AIB. Developers can now use Transactions, Identity, Auth, Balance, and Assets to access a more holistic picture of a consumer’s finances. Additionally, our front-end module, Link, is available in English, Spanish, or French, depending on your needs.

For existing customers, we’ve made it easy for you to expand to France, Spain, and Ireland through your existing Plaid integration. If you’re new to Plaid, please contact our sales team to get access today.