Product features
Real-time connection information

Show your customers their most up-to-date connections to Plaid-powered apps and enable them to make updates in real-time, automatically syncing permissions across the financial ecosystem.

Deliver the best user experience, with Plaid expertise

Create a seamless experience leveraging Plaid’s connectivity expertise to solidify your place as your customers’ trusted financial hub. 

Flexible framework

Once you build your consumer permissions portal, enable other data networks to integrate their data into your portal. 

Free to use

Existing data partners on Plaid's Data Connectivity API solutions can access the benefits of Permissions Manager at no cost.

Solidify your place as your customers’ financial hub

Put your customers in control of their data sharing by building your own consumer permissions portal within your existing web and mobile experiences.

  • Build greater customer trust
  • Expand your digital capabilities
  • Demonstrate data privacy leadership

Power your consumer permissions portal

  • View connected apps: Display all Plaid-powered connected apps and the associated data types

  • Disconnect apps: Enable customers to disconnect financial accounts from apps, with disconnects automatically shared to Plaid and the downstream app

  • Customize the customer experience: Host and own the customer experience with full control over the front-end flow and design

Build, validate, and go live with ease

Plaid’s Partner Dashboard makes it easy to build your integration by giving you a comprehensive spec, UX and implementation guides, and robust developer tooling you need to go live.

Get started

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