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Win customers, drive revenue, and lower costs with the latest Plaid payments releases.

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More revenue, fewer returns

Make bank
payments your

Get the biggest advantages of bank payments—more reliable payments and lower fees—without the bad authentication experiences, returns, and settlement delays.

What’s new: plaid payments

More ways to onboard customers, lower return risk, and move money instantly


Increase bank payment adoption 2X

Get more customers paying with their bank accounts. And authenticate ALL of them instantly—whether it’s manually, with microdeposits, or using credentials.

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Stronger balance
checks, 20% fewer

Prevent overdrafts and protect your bottom line with our upgraded balance checks. Now with added defense against administrative returns.

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Instant payouts for
75% of US accounts

One API removes the complexity of connecting to ACH, RTP, and FedNow. And with FedNow coverage reaching over 600 banks, you can payout instantly to more customers.

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Make payments your competitive advantage

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