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Safeguard every stage of the customer journey

Know your customer

Verify a customer’s identity, assess risk factors, and get notified if they’re associated with fraud on other platforms

Automate AML compliance

Identify money mules and politically exposed persons with automated global watchlist screening

Secure transactions

Enhance your risk program with ML-powered predictive scoring that flags risky ACH transactions and helps prevent costly returns

Stop fraud earlier, faster, and in more places

Thanks to our robust fraud detection tools, you’ll have everything you need to flag suspicious activity and stop fraudsters without disrupting the customer experience.

  • Early detection

    Verify good customers and stop bad ones in seconds. Go beyond basic KYC compliance and analyze hundreds of risk signals to prevent identity theft, synthetic ID fraud, and account takeovers with Identity Verification and Monitor.

  • Prevent account takeovers during onboarding or when the source of funds is switched. With Identity, you can verify bank account details to confirm source of funds or understand payer and payee risk.

  • Create dynamic payments flows, with less risk. Use Signal’s machine learning to generate real-time, connected insights at scale so you can determine the risk of fraud and prevent returns during each ACH transaction.

  • Prevent fraud from spreading across the ecosystem. Get notified each time a customer's identity is associated with fraud anywhere in the Plaid Beacon Network.

Why Plaid

Connect to billions of insights for an easier,
more secure in-app experience

Faster activation

Get trusted customers up and running on your app quickly with lightning fast identity verification and real-time risk assessment.

360° risk analysis

Stop fraud throughout the customer journey with a single provider, comprehensive risk analysis, and proprietary network risk signals.

24/7 fraud protection

Get access to the fraud detection tools you need to unlock better insights and power a seamless customer experience.

Endless scalability

Stay ahead of emerging threats with machine learning and intelligent risk detection models that grow and adapt in real time.

You'd be in good company

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Uphold improved the customer experience and reduced return losses by 73%.

Since switching to Plaid, Varo Bank reported a 50% decrease in fraudulent returns.

Zip used Plaid to lower the time spent reviewing alerts by nearly 80%.

Since switching to Plaid, Stash saw a 19% jump in customers funding their accounts.

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Identity Verification

Verify users’ identities, improve signup conversion rates, reduce fraud, and comply with KYC rules

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