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Receiving payments via direct bank transfer is significantly less expensive than using credit cards, but getting users signed in and authenticated is a cumbersome process.

Plaid makes it faster and easier to set up bank payments through a flow designed with the user experience and security in mind. Users enter their online credentials and Plaid instantly authenticates their account. Plus, in the US, Plaid works with any ACH processor to simplify bank-to-bank payments.

Plaid enabled Shift to offer a fully integrated online purchasing experience. The financial aspects of the process are much more seamless.
James Wu, Software Engineer at ShiftSee the full case study
Get account and routing numbers

Auth pulls users' account and routing information 

, which can be used to enable seamless payments and transfers in the US and Canada, and debit withdrawals in Europe

Lower risk and reduce fraud

Identity confirms users' identities with what's on file at the bank—in other words, their name, phone number, address, and email

Reduce NSF fees and overdrafts

Balance instantly checks whether users have the funds to make a payment or transfer (US and Canada)

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