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Plaid is a data network that powers the apps and services millions of people rely on to live a healthier financial life. We provide a suite of products to help you onboard customers, create better experiences, and grow your business.

Our mission is to unlock financial freedom for everyone. By partnering with Plaid, you can build a safer and more open financial ecosystem for your customers.

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Data Connectivity Solutions

Streamline API connectivity to fintech applications

Plaid’s Data Connectivity solutions leverage Plaid’s industry expertise as an API-first organization to offer products that simplify and streamline the process of connecting to Plaid’s network of over 8,000 fintech applications.

Privacy Controls Suite

Build customer trust with permission-based data privacy solutions

Plaid’s Privacy Controls suite offers flexible privacy tools that put your customers in control of their data, and provide the visibility your organization needs to meet evolving industry expectations.

Customer Story

Grow your business

Plaid helps you data access and reduce support tickets. With seamless API connectivity, support tickets were reduced by 67% and connection health improved by 400%.

Data protection

Plaid is the safer way for your customers to share their financial information

Plaid was founded on the belief that people have a right to access their financial data — they should get to choose where and with whom it’s shared. It’s our job to keep that data safe, every step of the way.

That’s why we prioritize control, security and transparency across our products.


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Plaid support is handled by a team of trained and trusted representatives — they’re available to help with implementation, connections, troubleshooting, and anything else you might need.

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