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December 01, 2020

Newsletter - December 2020

Jenny Chiu

Updated on December 01, 2020

In this month’s newsletter, read about our latest product enhancements, upcoming events, and more.

Product highlights

Rolling out the all-new Plaid Link: On November 2, we began rolling out our latest version of Plaid Link. If you use the iOS SDK or React Native SDK on iOS, please ensure that you’ve updated to LinkKit 1.1.33 or later to receive the updates.

Upgrade to the latest SDKs: We released new updates to the iOS SDK (v2.0.8 and v.1.1.38), Android SDK (v3.2.0) and React Native SDK (v6.0.4) to support new features and bug fixes.

Looking for our Changelog? You can find it in our docs.

Virtual events

American Banker: Digital Banking Conference – December 7 at 10:45 PT: Don’t miss Plaid’s Head of Financial Access, Ginger Baker, in conversation with Wells Fargo’s Head of Digital Payments, Ben Soccorsy, as they discuss how banks and fintechs can partner to deliver Open Finance. Plus, be sure to visit Plaid’s virtual booth.  Register here

Plaid’s first-ever Community Town Hall – Watch on-demand: On October 28, we hosted our first-ever community town hall to share our insights on the state of fintech, highlights we’ve been working on, and what lies ahead for the financial ecosystem. Watch now

In other news

Plaid’s strategy to facilitate an API-based ecosystem: By the end of 2021, we aim to dedicate 75% of our traffic to APIs. Ginger Baker, Head of Financial Access, and Niko Karvounis, Head of Financial Institution Products, share our strategy for how we plan to get there.  

Payroll data: The next frontier for fintech and open finance: In our new white paper, learn how improving peoples’ ability to share their payroll data has massive potential to unlock new innovation in the financial ecosystem.

Plaid’s new partnership with Jack Henry: We announced a new partnership with banking platform provider Jack Henry to enable Plaid Exchange for financial institutions on their Banno Digital Platform. As a result, over 350 financial institutions will have “zero-lift” access to the Plaid network.

CFPB: Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR): This rulemaking on Dodd-Frank Section 1033, which will help inform the regulatory rules of the road for consumer control over their financial data, could continue to push fintech innovation to new heights. Make sure your voice is heard by highlighting your unique use case for consumer data, the consumer benefit, or by answering any specific questions posed by the CFPB.