September 23, 2021

The Next Frontier: Establishing Stronger Privacy Standards for a Safer Ecosystem

Sheila Jambekar

With hundreds of millions of people now relying on digital finance, there’s never been a more critical time to come together as an industry to put consumer privacy front and center in financial services. As someone who is passionate about data privacy and data ethics and enjoys helping organizations solve complex challenges as data stewards, I am excited to join Plaid as the company’s Chief Privacy Officer.

I was drawn to Plaid’s mission-driven approach to consumer privacy, its leadership in advocating for consumer data rights, and its authentic desire to set a higher privacy bar for the industry. Products like Plaid Portal and Plaid Link are putting these values into practice by placing privacy at the forefront and helping people understand, and control, where and how their data is shared. I also admire the company’s commitment to good data stewardship - ensuring that Plaid’s own policies and practices are reflective of the awesome responsibility we have to protect and preserve the trust of those that rely on our service every single day. As the platform for fintech, the advances we make will benefit hundreds of millions of consumers and the thousands of businesses using Plaid.

The road ahead will inevitably include complex challenges at the intersection of privacy, data ethics, law and technology. Plaid’s consumer-permissioned approach to data sharing provides a strong foundation from which we can address both the opportunities and issues that will naturally arise in a rapidly evolving industry. As consumer and regulatory expectations shift, we will take a proactive approach to our own policies that ensure our ecosystem meets these evolving expectations. 

I’m excited to partner with our talented team, thousands of customers and financial institution partners, policymakers and consumer advocates to drive the industry forward - guided by our core belief that consumers have a right to their data and to share and manage it as they see fit.