October 03, 2017

September Changelog

Baker Shogry

Updated on November 21, 2018

Welcome back to the Changelog! We spent September continuing to improve our financial institution coverage as well as shipping a bunch of new features for Link.

For a recap of August highlights, check out last month’s Changelog.


We upgraded another 150+ financial institutions this month, including extending transaction history for Discover Card and adding Auth and Identity support for institutions like Woodforest Bank and TCF Digital.


In September, we shipped exciting new analytics and customization features for Link, giving you more visibility into and control over your users’ Link experience.

  • Analytics: Use the new onEvent callback to follow your users’ paths through the Link flow, giving you real-time information on end-user actions. You’ll be able to see when users search for and select an institution, encounter MFA or errors, or successfully connect. Events also include helpful metadata like request IDs, error codes, and institution information

  • Multi-account select: Tracking users’ transactions or balances across more than one account? Let your users pick multiple accounts to connect to your app in Link

  • Overlay customization: Blend Link into your app more seamlessly by controlling the color and opacity of Link’s overlay on Desktop