May 23, 2017

Design upgrades for Link

Paolo Bernasconi

Updated on November 21, 2018

Today we released some exciting design upgrades for Link! We first launched Link with the goal of making it the easiest and most secure way to integrate with Plaid. With just a few lines of code, Link makes it possible for end users to search for and connect to thousands of financial institutions—all so that developers can worry about building their own products, not integrating with ours.

The design updates we’re releasing today are in support of our mission to make Link the best possible way to integrate with Plaid. Link users can take advantage of these updates with zero integration changes. Highlights include:

  • A redesigned desktop experience

  • Device-specific styling on iOS and Android

These upgrades come in addition to the same great features that Link has always supported:

  • Drop-in, cross-platform integration that handles the entire user authentication and reauthentication flow, including MFA and errors

  • Robust security, meaning credentials don't touch your backend server

  • Automatic updates to include the latest institutions, products, and MFA flows—no code changes required

Redesigned desktop experience

With today’s release, Link on the desktop now has the same look and feel that came to mobile in October and iOS in March. This new design has already proven more performant for user conversion in initial production testing.

Native device stylings

We're taking Link even further on mobile. To make Link feel as native and natural as possible for your users, we're adding in platform-specific best practices—such as native fonts, user interface patterns, and navigation cues—for iOS and Android.

Not using Link? Start your integration today

Link will look and feel great for your users no matter what device they’re on. If you want to start building with Link today, head to our quickstart guide for a complete guide to getting started, including example apps in Ruby, Python, and Node.