Changelog - September 2020 banner


October 01, 2020

Changelog - September 2020

Baker Shogry

Updated on October 01, 2020

Highlights from what we've been working on over the past month:

Plaid Exchange instant account activity: We launched instant account activity, which allows institutions on Plaid Exchange to send user-permissioned transaction data to authorized Plaid developers within seconds of a user’s activity. This enables users to have a consistent, up-to-date picture of their finances when using Plaid-powered apps.

Improvements to custom sandbox users: Developers can now create and save custom sandbox users in the Dashboard to reuse for testing and demos at a later time.

Android and iOS SDKs: Our mobile SDKs are now more closely aligned with each other and Link Web. We released updates to our iOS SDK (v2.0.1) and Android SDK (v3.0.1), which includes bug fixes and support for OAuth and Link tokens.