Changelog - March 2019 banner


April 01, 2019

Changelog - March 2019

Baker Shogry & Jesse Dhillon

Highlights from what we've been working on over the last month:

Institutions: We added support for Varo Money and over 20 Canadian credit unions including Coast Capital Savings, Conexus Credit Union, and Assiniboine Credit Union.

Institution Logos: We updated the institutions endpoints so you can now retrieve bank logos, colors, and website URLs to use to customize your in-app experience.

Link: We released LinkKit v1.1.17, which includes support for the new Link country filter. Now, when initializing Link, you can specify whether you’d like to show only Canadian institutions, only US institutions, or both.

Sandbox: You can now trigger and test webhooks on demand via the new sandbox/item/fire_webhook endpoint.