Changelog - July 2019 banner


August 01, 2019

Changelog - July 2019

Baker Shogry

Highlights from what we've been working on over the last month:

Liabilities: We launched Liabilities, which enables developers to access a feed of standardized student loan details from the largest U.S. servicers including Navient, Nelnet, FedLoan, Great Lakes, and many more. Stay tuned as we update the endpoint in the coming months with more debt categories like credit cards.

Institutions: We have added or upgraded 25 banks, credit unions, and credit card issuers. The upgrades bring longer transaction histories, and expanded Auth and Identity coverage to institutions such as UMB, Meritus Credit Union, and Newtown Savings Bank.

Link iOS: We released LinkKit 1.1.21, which includes a bug fix for the account select flow.