Changelog - April 2019 banner


May 03, 2019

Changelog - April 2019

Baker Shogry & Jesse Dhillon

Highlights from what we've been working on over the last month:

Institutions: We upgraded dozens of institutions including Boeing Employees Credit Union, VyStar Credit Union, and Randolph Brooks Credit Union. For these institutions, you’ll now get longer transaction histories, improved latency, expanded product support, and more frequent transaction updates.

Institution, Item, and system status: We released new Dashboard and API functionality providing real-time status across bank integrations and Plaid systems.

  • Institution status: Information available for an institution includes its overall status, a detailed breakdown of its performance, and the date of its last status change.

  • Item status: Information available for an Item includes recent transactions updates, the last webhook fired, and more granular error code information for Items that require attention.

  • System status: Displays the uptime of our three API environments.

Link Web: We made improvements to Link that decreased load times by 35%.

Link iOS: We released LinkKit v1.1.18, which includes general bug fixes and improvements.