March 28, 2019

Expanded Canadian coverage and country filtering in Link

Paolo Bernasconi & Jesse Dhillon

We’ve continued to expand institution coverage in Canada since we launched in the country last year. Recently, we added support for Desjardins, National Bank of Canada, President's Choice, and Simplii.

Additionally, users can now link their accounts from many credit unions in Canada including Vancity, Coast Capital Savings, Conexus Credit Union, and more.

Coinciding with this expanded coverage, we’ve also made it easier for Canadian users to find their bank with the new country filter in Link. Developers can now specify whether they want to show only Canadian institutions, US institutions, or both. This new feature enables a more seamless experience for Canadian users, which can help drive more conversions in Link for an app or digital service.

If you’re interested in using the country filter, check out the ‘countryCodes’ parameter in our API docs to learn more.