Account type
  • Investment
  • Loan
  • Other
Supported Plaid products
  • Balance
  • Transactions
  • Investments
  • US

Plaid provides developers with the tools they need to help users make the most of their finances. We power over 8,000 apps and services worldwide, as well as connect to over 12,000 banks and financial institutions across the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe.

From personal and business financial management or banking, to consumer payments, lending, and investments, Plaid enables a wide range of use cases

Plaid helps users safely connect their Prudential Retirement accounts to your app or service in a matter of seconds, thanks in part to an information security program that’s designed to meet or exceed industry standards. And because every Plaid product is built with control, security, and transparency in mind, users can easily manage their Plaid connections at any time.

Supported Plaid products include Balance, Transactions and Investments. This means you can focus on what you do best: empowering your users to lead better financial lives.

Expansive data integration

Plaid supports Prudential Retirement with data connectivity solutions

Set up frictionless payments

Move money with RTP, ACH, Wire, Check, and Virtual Card

Easy integration

Ease of integration with our endpoints

Sample product data

The /accounts/balance/get endpoint returns the real-time balance for linked accounts

1http code 200
3 "accounts": [{
4 "account_id": "QKKzevvp33HxPWpoqn6rI13BxW4awNSjnw4xv",
5 "balances": {
6 "available": 100,
7 "current": 110,
8 "limit": null,
9 "iso_currency_code": "USD",
10 "unofficial_currency_code": null
11 },
12 "mask": "0000",
13 "name": "Plaid Checking",
14 "official_name": "Plaid Gold Checking",
15 "subtype": "checking",
16 "type": "depository"
17 }],
18 "item": {object},
19 "request_id": "m8MDnv9okwxFNBV"

Plaid powers over 8,000 financial apps and services around the world.


Plaid connects to over 12,000 financial institutions in the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe.


40,000+ developers are currently building or starting to build with Plaid.