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Open roles

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At Plaid, our API is core to everything we do. In the spirit of our culture, we love receiving job applications as calls to our API.

Submit a POST request to our careers endpoint

Format it as a raw JSON request body

We’ll get back to you with next steps!

POST https://contact.plaid.com/jobs

  "name": "Jenny Applicant",
  "email": "jenny@example.com",
  "resume": "www.example.com/your-resume.pdf",
  "phone": "555-867-5309",
  "job_id": "<Job ID>", // Found in the URL of a job posting.
  "github": "github.com/octocat", // optional
  "twitter": "@example", // optional
  "website": "www.example.com", // optional
  "location": "San Francisco", // optional
  "favorite_candy": "m&m’s", // optional
  "superpower": "multilingual" // optional