Embedded Finance: Financial services whenever and wherever customers need them

Plaid partnered with Accenture to produce a report exploring how industry leaders are leveraging new technology and partnerships to create new revenue streams and radically improve the customer experience.

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Andreessen Horowitz estimates that consumer companies deploying embedded finance can increase revenue per customer by 2-5X
- The Accenture Report: Embedded Finance

About the report

The next wave of disruption is here and it has a name - embedded finance. It allows both financial and non-financial companies to create new distribution models, meaningful types of customer ownership, and better ways to engage and retain customers. It also presents a huge market opportunity, with an estimated $230 billion in net revenue by 2025.

In this report, we’ll introduce you to the world of embedded finance while connecting you to technology solutions and the partners you need to implement an embedded finance strategy of your own including:

  • More than two dozen interviews with banking, fintech, venture capital, and brand executives
  • A new Accenture survey of 1,000 leaders at non-financial companies, director level and up
  • Curated resources on trends in customer and brand experience as well as financial services

Download the report today and join the embedded finance revolution.

Embedded finance allows a traditionally non-financial service, product, or technology to integrate a financial service into the user experience–making financial transactions faster, simpler, and more seamless.

Thanks to embedded finance, every company has the ability to innovate beyond the systems that have traditionally boxed them in. And the more companies can adapt, the more everyone wins.