5 ways to optimize your business with Plaid

Find out how Plaid makes it easy to deliver fintech services—and make your business more competitive.

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Savi users who connect their data with Plaid go on to become paying customers 25% more than those who enter it manually.

Ziggma users who connect their investment accounts with Plaid return to the app 3.2x more often than users who don’t.

When users choose a Plaid-powered account authentication experience, Wave experiences 60% less confirmed fraud.

About the report

More and more companies are integrating financial technology into their products and services to power results. From providing users with greater value, to increasing engagement and loyalty or even creating new revenue streams, businesses are discovering an array of benefits that speak to their bottom line.

In this whitepaper, learn how leading companies are using Plaid to:

  • Increase conversion
  • Save money
  • Streamline operations
  • Maximize time
  • Build user trust
“Plaid makes life easier for our team. It frees up engineering time that we can put toward our long-term business goals.”
Jon Blackwell, Chief Product Officer, SoLo Funds