2022 Fintech Predictions with Zach Perret

Find out how the biggest fintech trends will shape digital financial services for years to come.

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Within lending, brokerage, and banking, super apps will emerge, adding every bit of functionality within financial services. Over time, they'll actually be able to add in things that are above and beyond financial services.
Zach Perret, Plaid Co-founder and CEO

About the report:

Consumer expectations are accelerating fintech innovation in many areas including super apps, digital wallets, Web 3.0 and more. But which innovations will have the biggest impact in 2022? In this report, we’ll share the six biggest fintech trends to watch for in 2022, based on predictions made by Zach Perret, Co-founder & CEO, and top executives across Plaid.

In this report we’ll explain how and why:

  • Rebundling will lead to the arrival of the super apps
  • Digital wallets are evolving into financial services providers
  • Real-time credit decisioning is revolutionizing consumer credit
  • Web 2.5 may be the next phase of decentralized finance
  • Climate tech will continue to converge with fintech