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Support Auth for all US financial institutions

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Instant Auth covers 90% of users' financial institution accounts. For the remaining 10% of financial institutions, Plaid offers users the ability to connect their accounts through a combination of verifying micro-deposits and account credentials.

To support Auth for all of your users, this guide will show you how to build the following four Auth flows:

  • Instant Auth: User enters their credentials and is authenticated immediately. This is the default flow. No extra steps are necessary to enable Instant Auth if you have already integrated Auth into your app.
  • Instant Match (US only): User enters their credentials, account number, and routing number. Plaid matches user input and authenticates immediately.
  • Automated Micro-deposits (US only): User enters their credentials, account number, and routing number. Plaid makes a micro-deposit and automatically verifies the deposit in as little as one to two business days.
  • Same Day Micro-deposits (US only): User enters account and routing numbers. Plaid makes two Same Day ACH micro-deposits and the user manually verifies the deposits in as little as one business day.
Auth Overview Diagram

For each of these flows, Plaid will automatically prompt the user for the appropriate information. If a user cannot find their financial institution when searching, Plaid Link will prompt them to link with account numbers, where they can enter the Same Day Micro-deposits flow.

Each section in this guide is broken down into steps and supporting code samples.

Not all Plaid Developer accounts are enabled for Instant Match, Automated Micro-deposits, or Same Day Micro-deposits by default. To enable these features or check your status, contact your account manager or submit a product access Support ticket.

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