Receiving ACH payments allows for direct bank transfers, but getting users to connect their accounts can be a cumbersome process.

Plaid makes it easy to set up ACH transfers from any bank or credit union in the U.S. Once a user links their account via their banking credentials, Plaid retrieves their account and routing numbers. ACH payments can be set up in moments.

Maximize conversions

Multiple ways to authenticate accounts through Plaid’s front-end module.

Institution coverage

Authenticate accounts from ~11,500 banks and credits unions in the U.S.

Business account support

Authenticate business accounts using Same Day Micro-Deposits.


One integration with Auth, multiple ways to connect

We'll select the best and quickest route depending on a user's institution.

  • Instant authentication Plaid connects accounts in seconds when users sign in with their banking credentials.
  • Instant match Plaid matches user-provided account and routing numbers with what’s on file at the bank.
  • Automated micro-deposits Plaid sends micro-deposits which are automatically verified on the behalf of users.
  • Same Day micro-deposits Plaid sends micro-deposits for users to verify within 1 business day.