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April 27, 2021

Ziggma is leveling up portfolio management

Karilyn Patania

In recent years, the barriers to personal investing have crumbled. This is partly
due to next-gen brokers that make buying stocks easier than ever. The pandemic
has also spurred the interest of young investors, with Robinhood adding 3 million
new accounts in just one quarter.

But while buying stocks may be easy, managing a portfolio is a different story.

“Once you own a portfolio, keeping it up quickly becomes complex,”
explains Ziggma CEO Ulrich Ebensperger. “It’s difficult to maintain a good
understanding of its many aspects.”

Ziggma reduces the complexity of portfolio management and investment
research. As Ebensperger explains it, cutting-edge investment tools used to be
restricted to institutional investors and asset managers. He launched Ziggma in
2020 to help investors better understand, optimize, and monitor their portfolios.

To enable those functionalities, Ziggma needed a way for users to connect their
investment accounts. For that, they chose Plaid.