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October 27, 2021

Stash boosted deposits by 19%

Marc Andrusko

For millions of Americans who want to invest in themselves but don’t know where to start, investing apps like Stash are a welcome solution. 

Founded in 2015, New York-based Stash is one of the fastest-growing financial subscription platforms in the United States. With six million customers and counting, its popularity can be attributed in part to its radical accessibility. Memberships start at just $1 a month, giving customers easy and affordable access to a suite of products including investing, banking, education, and financial advice.

Many of these services require access to a customer’s outside financial accounts. To link them, Stash previously relied on microdeposits. But this slow and error-prone process muddled the onboarding experience, resulting in a low conversion rate. Their subsequent experiment with an external provider wasn’t much better. 

Stash needed a simple, fast and reliable way for customers to connect their outside financial accounts. That’s when they turned to Plaid.